Mirka Tarcalova

Mirka Tarcalova Cernovska


Miroslava Tarcalova was born as a designer.

From her childhood which she spent in Tatra Mountains in Slowakai, she was surrounded with art and crystal. Her family worked in a small glassworks in the middle of the mountains. It was clear destiny that she followed her roots and studied on the Academy of Glass Design in Bratislava. After she successfully finished the studies she tried to extend her portfolio and moved to Kamenicky Senov in Czech Republic where she started to work as a designer for Preciosa Lighting. After few years of constant success she left the company and continued in a small studio based in Los Angeles called BOII Lighting. In past few years she is exclusively working with Konstal Design  and proved her extraordinary knowledge on many projects.

She is not only a designer of lighting but also skilled interior designer of residences and smaller hospitality projects.