Our story dates back to 1979, when we started producing metal elements on our own machines in a small premise. Despite many years of transformations our company still remains in the hands of the same family, and currently we are already employing the third generation of employees. As we thought of the future, we always gave priority to development and investments, thanks to which we can now boast of beautiful and functional buildings and an extensive machine park.


We commenced producing chandeliers in 1999, in which we benefitted from our strategic situation among numerous Polish and Czech glass mills and from the know-how and experience of German professionals. This greatly difficult and complex activity requires the integration of precision in the processing of metal, glass, stone and other beautiful materials, sometimes quite rare, with great care to achieve a wonderful final effect. Artistic inspiration is expressed in our products, illuminating interiors around the whole world. In the process of making those visions come true we can rely on the assistance of our own division of cutting-through technologies, where wonderful dynamic illumination installations are designed.


Our topmost priority is always the satisfaction of our customers; apart from a perfect product this may be guaranteed only by the unique nature and beauty of our solutions. We endeavour to achieve this by working with numerous distinguished designers specialised in creating lighting systems.